IDA Secures Expansion, Job Creation from Tech Distributor

Islip, N.Y. – The Islip Town Industrial Development Agency (IDA) has reached an agreement with Reiko Wireless that will enable the company to expand their operations, creating dozens of new jobs in the process. Reiko Wireless – which has existing facilities in New York (Brooklyn), California, and Florida – worked with the Islip IDA to purchase a 130,000 sq. foot facility in Central Islip that will be used as an office and distribution center for their many products. The deal includes a 14-year tax abatement, which will allow the company to retain 36 jobs and add another 68.


“Every municipality understands the importance of job creation, but here in Islip we have proven again and again that we are a partner with our businesses. Their success is ours,” said Supervisor Tom Croci. “Our IDA is a key factor in attracting companies that can bring high-paying careers to our town, and makes us competitive in preventing companies from leaving New York.”

Yulong Zhang, President and CEO of Reiko Wireless, stated “I would like to express my gratitude for the assistance the Town of Islip IDA has provided us. The real estate tax abatement, sale tax exemption and the elimination of the mortgage recording tax allowed us to make a quick decision to relocate to the Town of Islip. We look forward to a lasting partnership with the Town.”

Reiko specializes in the distribution of accessories for wireless devices, for which there is an increasing demand as the mobile technology sector continues to grow. A host of other technology companies have found a home in Islip Town through the IDA, including CMG Wireless, Sartorius Stedim, and All Systems Aerospace. “The Islip IDA and the Office of Economic Development is always available to help businesses, no matter their size,” said Councilman John Cochrane, Jr. “Reiko is the latest in a long list of companies that have invested in our communities with the help of our IDA.”