Islip IDA Announces Aid for Businesses Damaged by Historic Rains

Islip, NY – In a continuing effort to provide assistance to individuals impacted by the record-breaking rain event on August 13, 2014, the Town of Islip Industrial Development Agency recently announced that it will aide businesses that suffered damage from the rains that caused significant flooding. The Islip Town Board – in its capacity as members of the IDA board - voted unanimously in favor of these measures that include exemptions from sales tax relating to repairs, improvements and replacement of equipment damaged from the powerful rains.

Sales tax exemptions will be made available chiefly for businesses in the industrial and manufacturing sectors in accordance with New York State law. The application process will be expedited to ensure that businesses are back on their feet as quickly as possible.

“The Town will do whatever it can do, independently, to offer assistance, and the IDA is here to help businesses work through the aftermath of this storm,” said Supervisor Tom Croci.