Islip IDA can help find the right industrial park for your business.

Town of Islip’s Industrial Parks Offer A Variety of Sizes for A Variety of Industries

Islip’s industrial parks provide 106 square miles and roughly 4,200 acres of land zoned for a vast array of industrial clusters, including advanced manufacturing, aerospace/electronics, pharmaceuticals, food manufacturing and distribution, just to mention a few!

The number of our industrial parks continues to grow, each strategically located and offering easy access to major thoroughfares like Route 454 and Route 111. Below are just some of our major industrial parks:

Hauppauge Industrial Park, 1400 acres
Heartland, 380 acres
Acres Aero-Tech Park, 29 acres
Airport Business Center, 14 acres
Industrial Air Park, 128 acres
Airport Industrial Plaza, 200 acres
Islip Foreign Trade Zone, 52 acres
MacArthur Center, 90 acres
Motor Parkway, 60 acres
Parkland Commercial Industrial Park, 40 acres
Racanelli Industrial Park, 140 acres
Equi-Park Industrial Mall, 143 acres
Sherwood Corporate Park, 50 acres
Tech Park (Empire Zone), 100 acres

A solid infrastructure that goes beyond our industrial parks
Whatever the size of your business, Islip is here to support your needs and help you thrive. From sales and property tax exemptions to finding financial assistance and our Foreign Trade Zone status, we feature a host of resources to help your business get the competitive edge.

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