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We offer a comprehensive suite of programs and incentives to support businesses and services that are looking to create or retain residence in the Town of Islip. Whether you’re a small business looking to move, a manufacturer in need of a larger factory, or a nonprofit looking to secure low-cost financing for a qualified capital project, we make your goals our top priorities.

Business & Manufacturing

More and more start-ups, small businesses and large manufacturers are turning to the Town of Islip to set up shop, and it's no surprise why. Along with financing and tax benefits, our team is always on hand to address any problems or special needs your business may encounter. We can facilitate applications, speed up approval processes and find innovative solutions to almost any problem.

With our proximity to New York City, our Grade-A public transit system, our shipping and freighting options plus our highly skilled workforce, the Town of Islip is rich in convenience and resources to any company that calls us home.


The Town of Islip offers real estate assistance for all projects at any stage, along with a host of incentives to developers looking to build up our community. With acres of county-owned lots and shovel-ready sites, there is plenty of space and opportunities for commercial developers, which will benefit not only your business, but the Town of Islip and Long Island as a whole. 

We work with you from start to finish, providing several policies and strategies, including real property tax abatement and mortgage recording tax exemption to reduce costs. We also work with you to ensure your plans are in compliance with zoning and all other laws.


Looking to build an assisted living facility from the ground up or convert a commercial building into residential units? The Town of Islip can help you with a range of housing projects.

From predevelopment aid to affordable housing development projects, our staff of professionals has both the financing and real estate expertise to assist you every step of the way, with incentive programs that allow you to take advantage of state and municipal tax exemptions and deductions.


The Town of Islip’s Economic Development Corporation (TOIEDC) was created to attract and develop job and recreational opportunities for nonprofit organizations of all types in Islip, as well as to encourage the development of civic facilities.

We offer a wide range of financing options and competitive rates, qualified clients and projects, as well as a skilled, experienced and dedicated team.

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