Trickle-Down Effect of Corporate Tax Incentives Will Aid All Property Owners In the Long Run

From the annual 4th of July fireworks display to weekly trash pick-up, the services provided by every municipality are heavily dependent upon the town’s budget. It’s why that much-loved fireworks show is often among the first offerings to hit the chopping block during times of austerity; the money can simply be put to better use elsewhere. Property taxes typically make up a massive portion of any municipal operating budget, with various forms of state aid and sales tax supplementing the additional costs of running a local government. For this reason, there’s often a flurry of negativity surrounding any talk of offering “tax incentives” to businesses that are considering a relocation and/or expansion. That’s why the Town of Islip Office of Economic Development wants to dispel rumors and show readers why lower tax rates with a definite “sunset” date, for example, are a win-win for all involved.


Islip IDA COVID-19 Disaster Loan/Grant Program

July 27, 2020 – The Town of Islip Industrial Development Agency will offer grant or loan assistance to eligible businesses (for profit or not-for-profit) who have demonstrated a financial need arising from the COVID-19 Emergency Disaster declared by NY State Governor Andrew Cuomo.


What Makes Islip Different That Has Industry Booming?

Hint: It’s much more than tax benefits.

When it comes to starting or relocating your business, where you’re located matters on so many levels. Here in the Town of Islip, we offer support to companies so that they can invest in our community. And did we mention, we’re also home to the #6 rated small airport in the country and we have hundreds of miles of beautiful beaches on top of it all?


Islip IDA Plants Seeds for Growth with O’Shea Properties


“Economic gardening” isn’t growing money on trees, but for small businesses, it might be the next best thing.

The term actually describes an entrepreneurial “grow your own” approach to developing a local economy from within. And just like in a garden, even the smallest seeds can yield a big harvest. For the Town of Islip IDA, this method is taking root with O’Shea Properties, which recently brought to market an industrial building in Central Islip with 31 units ranging from 1,246 square feet to 1,730 square feet.



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