For Clean Energy and Sustainability in Islip, the Future Is Now

The Future Is Now

From our marinas to our parks to our beaches—including 50 miles of Atlantic Ocean coastline—the Town of Islip offers countless ways to enjoy nature. In recent years we’ve taken steps to ensure our natural resources can endure for future generations. This includes initiatives that promote sustainability and generate clean energy—benefiting not just our residents and businesses locally, but also the environment globally—as well as cutting costs and generating income for the town.


Five Reasons why Proper Planning can Make Business Expansion a Stress-free Project

Launching a business and seeing a fair amount of success from the venture depends on many ever-evolving factors. Some, like seasonal demand for your product, may be out of your control. Others, like proximity to major transportation hubs and having a large number of talented applicants to choose from, can be predicted if done right. To ensure that your business is going to operate in a community that helps meet its needs, the Town of Islip Office of Economic Development organization wants entrepreneurs to be aware of the following key points. An expansion into a new and larger footprint can be the make-or-break moment for a company – so let’s make sure it’s the former.


Large Talent Pool, Realistic Cost of Living Makes This Long Island Town Business-Friendly

The number one rule in real estate -- as you’ve probably heard before -- is location. This applies to more than residential properties so businesses looking for a lucrative region to grow in will need to carefully consider their surroundings. Coastal cities on both sides of the U.S. have long attracted powerful industries and good for reason: there’s so much to offer. From premier colleges and universities to an educated talent pool and effective infrastructure, it’s simply easier to operate where the action is.


Trickle-Down Effect of Corporate Tax Incentives Will Aid All Property Owners In the Long Run

From the annual 4th of July fireworks display to weekly trash pick-up, the services provided by every municipality are heavily dependent upon the town’s budget. It’s why that much-loved fireworks show is often among the first offerings to hit the chopping block during times of austerity; the money can simply be put to better use elsewhere. Property taxes typically make up a massive portion of any municipal operating budget, with various forms of state aid and sales tax supplementing the additional costs of running a local government. For this reason, there’s often a flurry of negativity surrounding any talk of offering “tax incentives” to businesses that are considering a relocation and/or expansion. That’s why the Town of Islip Office of Economic Development wants to dispel rumors and show readers why lower tax rates with a definite “sunset” date, for example, are a win-win for all involved.



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