What Companies are Searching for When Relocating

Office of Economic Development | Town of Islip

When considering corporate relocation, quality of life is one of the top factors. But it’s no secret that the key to success for many businesses is location, location, location. That’s why the Town of Islip IDA offers site location assistance among many other services (or another similar word) , including business incentives, tax abatements, and foreign trade zone access. But before a business owner decides to uproot its HQ to a new area, there’s a lot to consider beyond economic incentives.


Local Businesses Join Town of Islip In Celebrating our 335th Birthday

Back when Long Island was undeveloped farm country, the Town of Islip was founded by William Nicoll in November of 1683. Now, 335 years later, our beautiful town is thriving and has grown to be the third largest township in all of New York State. In our year-long birthday celebration (you’d celebrate all year long too if you were 335 years old) of our beautiful town that brings industry and a bustling community together, many local businesses have participated in the celebrations with special offerings, especially many of our local restaurants.


How Relocation to a Foreign Trade Zone Could Make Your Business More Competitive

A to Z of an FTZ

Relocation and Competitive Business | Town of Islip

Within the Town of Islip is an underutilized resource known as Foreign Trade Zone #52 (FTZ). In this designated area, import-export businesses with global dealings are at a competitive advantage when it comes to profitability and production flow, making the FTZ one of the most invaluable resources to business in the area.



LI MacArthur Airport | Town of Islip

Big convenience for business - on par with JFK & LGA. Business professionals know the phrase, “location, location, location” and it’s importance to building a thriving, successful business. But what about a particular location makes it more attractive? In the Town of Islip, there are a few gems in the area that are particularly beneficial to a variety of businesses, especially those in the aerospace industry interested in relocating or expanding to an area with the assistance of an IDA that has been credited by Newsday as one of the top IDAs in all of New York State.

You may be wondering, “what is an IDA?” An IDA, or industrial development agency, is created by the General Municipal Law and the Public Authorities Law to build economic development in specific locations. IDAs are public benefit corporations and therefore exempt from sales and use sales tax on their various purchases.



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